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Welcome to SandS Photos... This is the site for Steve & Sheila's Photos, hence 'SandS Photos'. I hope that you enjoy looking through the photos as much as I enjoyed taking them.


Unless otherwise noted, all work on this this site by Steven Smith is licenced under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International Licence. See the Creative Commons page ( for a more detailed interpretation.

Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available by contacting me through my Contact page - See below.

What does that mean in plain English?

It is my intent is to make my work available for personal use and sharing, subject to a few conditions:

• "Attribution" - If you share or re-post my work, please mention my name in a way that makes it clear that I am the creator of said work. If at all feasible, a link to this web site ( or the specific page on my site where you found the image should be included.

• "Non Commercial" - Please do not use my images to make money.

• "No Derivatives" - Please do not modify my images. If you wish to use any of my photography under other terms, please contact me to arrange an appropriate licence first.

If you do make use of my photography under the Creative Commons terms, it would be nice if you’d drop me a note to let me know how and where you’ve used my images. (If nothing else, just to make me smile.)

Also - If you would like a copy of a photo without the "Steve Smith" logo for promotional purposes, etc., please send me an email.

The sizes of SmugMug:       Pixels wide     Pixels high

Original (-O) (Max 210MP)        Huge                   Huge

5K (-5K)                                          Up to 5120        Up to 5120

4K (-4K) (TV & Computer)           Up to 3840       Up to 3840

X5Large (-X5) (iPhone 6+)          Up to 2560       Up to 2560

X4Large (-X4) (iPad Retina)       Up to 2048       Up to 2048

X3Large (-X3) (LowRes 2Mpix)  Up to 1600        Up to 1200

X2Large (-X2) (1.2Mpix)               Up to 1280        Up to 960

XLarge (-XL) (0.7Mpix)                Up to 1024        Up to 768

Large (-L) (0.5 Mpix)                    Up to 800          Up to 600

Medium (-M) (0.3Mpix)               Up to 600          Up to 450

Small (-S)                                       Up to 400          Up to 300

Large thumbnails (-Th)                Up to 150          Up to 150

Thumbnails (-Ti)                            Up to 100          Up to 100

SmugMug video display tech specs

Size           Video                                                                                         Audio

Full HD      1920X1080  7.2Mbps H.264 Baseline Profile 128kbps   48KHz stereo AAC-LC

Hi-Def        1280x720     3.2Mbps H.264 Baseline Profile 128kbps   48KHz stereo AAC-LC

Mid-Def     960x540       1.8Mbps H.264 Baseline Profile 128kbps   48KHz stereo AAC-LC

iPod/DVD  640x480       1.2Mbps H.264 Baseline Profile 128kbps   48KHz stereo AAC-LC

Web            320x240       512Kbps H.264 Baseline Profile 40kbps     22KHz mono  AAC-LC

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